Macro Basics
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Macro Basics
How To Make Macros

This WoW Macro Tutorial will guide you on How To Make Macros, and this is divided to the following: Opening the macro window, How to make a new macro , Customizing the Name/Icons, Typing the macro code, and using the macro made

Opening the Macro Window

How To Make Macros(Top)

To start with making macros for your character, you should open the macro user interface or the macro window

To open the macro window: Type "/m"
simply type /m (slash m) on chat then press enter. Note: you can do this at any channels
Parts of WoW Macro Window:
General Macro Button:(Upper Left) contains macros for the whole account; Player Macros:(Upper right of macro window), contains the macros of the current character; New Button:(bottom mid-right) press to start making new macros; Delete Button:(Bottom Left) press to delete existing macros; Exit Button:(bottom right) press to close the macro window; Name Input:(Left Window, Top) names your macro; Icon Box:(Left window, middle to bottom) contains the options of macro icons you can use; Code Box: (mid-bottom) the box that should contain the macro codes

How to make a new macro

How To Make Macros(Top)
Click on "new" button
To start making macros, Click on New

How To Customize the Macro name and Icon

How To Make Macros(Top)
Name your macro
Name your macro according to use

Names are important in making macros specially when you are having alot of macros. Make sure they are descriptiveto there function.

Choose an Icon
Choose an Icon for your macro

Icons are very important for chat-only or other macros with no spells that will produce a "?" Icon. Having alot of "?" Icon will cause confusion specially if you have many macros

How to Write(Type) The Macro Code

How To Make Macros(Top)

Now you will type the macro code in the code-box, on the macro window. Macro codes will be discussed on the next chapter

Type the macro command
Type the macro command
Type the Macro Parameter
Type the macro parameter next to the command

More about wow macro codes on next chapter

Using the Macro Made

How To Make Macros(Top)
How To Use Macro you've made
first click on the tab you've made it, then drag it to your actionbar, then you can use it like a normal spell

first click on the tab you've made it, then drag it to your actionbar, then you can use it like a normal spell

Extra Macro Info

Starts with slash ( / ) (/), it tells what kind of action you will do
Tells the Properties of the command, sometimes optional
Optional, Tells when/where will the macro execute using the parameter next to it
Line breaks:
You can add another command line by entering a line break. Every line breaks(press Enter) is executed one by one but the time between them is microscopic. You can add as many line breaks you can fill in 255 character limit.
Alternate Parameters:
It is the parameter that will be used if the condition for the previous parameter is not fullfilled. It is declared after the first parameter, starts with semi colon ( ; ). you can add as many alternate parameters as you can(255 character limit)
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